We want everyone to enjoy the process of market research, this is important so…

Respondents feel their input is valued and that they feel they have been part of an interesting and worthwhile process. We achieve this by always having their experience at the heart of how we work.

Researchers are happy that they are speaking to the right people to understand anything at all that they are researching. We have years of experience in drawing up screeners and pen portraits and this is included in your cost, not only saving you time but you can be assured that we have a proper understanding of your target respondent. This means more time for you to focus on the actual research – The Field can take care of recruitment.

Recruiters like working with us and will do a great job for us, they have found all kinds of wonderful, random, interesting and interested people for us over the years. We don’t work with recruiters that don’t do a sterling job for us. With the deeper understanding drawing up the recruitment materials brings, we can make sure the recruiter knows exactly who you want and can go out and find the best respondents for your project.

The end result of this is that your client sees great results, vibrant examples of the audience that they have asked you to reach and understand, they come back because of the quality of respondents and your findings.

We strive to provide an excellent field service for exemplary research. Claire is an associate member of the MRS and we work to their standards.

produceSpecialties – Not just basic research, brilliant research – including

  • Leading Edge / Creative Depths
  • Consumer Depths
  • Friendship Sessions
  • Consumer Safaris
  • Ethnography
  • Focus Groups / Minigroups
  • Conflict Sessions
  • Issue based / social research
  • Experimental methodologies
  • Complex Methodologies
  • Multistage projects
  • Stakeholder recruitment

If you are at the proposal writing stage and want a chat about feasiblility of ideas then please feel free to give us a call, we’re happy to chat things through and give help and advice anywhere we can.