Who We Are

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We are an independent company based in South London, offering great Qual field recruitment and video creation. We believe that the key to a successful and enjoyable working relationship is flexibility and communication. We take a friendly, no nonsense approach to business to ensure that your projects run smoothly, your findings are brought to life and your clients are delighted.

Claire and Laura met many moons ago, in 2004, when Claire turned up at 2CV for a job interview and couldn’t figure out how to get into the building – despite this, they still hired her.

From that point, their relationship blossomed, both professionally and socially, discovering a shared love for festivals from a stint interviewing punters at Wireless, and going on to attend many festivals together without having to ask people ‘if this festival was a celebrity…’.

We also enjoy merry making in many other ways including a shared allotment, cooking up a storm with our produce, camping and skiing/snowboarding.

Since setting up the field, Claire has adopted Hurley the Chocolate Labrador and we spend many a lunch time walking him around the abundant green spaces of South East London. As we refer to each other as partners, several of our dog walking brethren assume we are a couple rather than business partners but Claire is happily married to Steve and Laura met her own Steve at their wedding.

Meet the Team