The Team

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Claire Sheppard (Co-founder) – I studied English Literature and Politics at the University of Sunderland and I graduated with a 2:1 in 1998 and immediately turned my back on a political future as I am useless at telling lies.

After stints as an assistant manager in various pubs, I spent several years working for HMV as a stockroom controller before deciding retail wasn’t my vocation either. I started out in research at Viewpoint Field as a trainee field exec learning about qual and quant from the frontline, from there I moved onto Fieldworks where I spent 2 years focussing on Quant Field Management before following my mentor Colin Butcher to 2CV research.

Initially at 2CV I worked across both Qual and Quant field management before deciding to focus on Qual. I worked my way up to Head of UK Qual Field in my almost 8 happy years at 2CV before deciding to move on to pastures new (excuse the DREADFUL pun) and form The Field with my colleague and friend Laura Wiggins.

I have a wealth of experience with all sorts of methodologies from the straightforward to the experimental.
Co-ordinating everything from regular groups with mums about healthy eating to conflict sessions with teenagers who may have dabbled in cocaine use, whilst making detours into taking readers of tabloids away to a holiday camp with the journalists of their favourite newspaper for the weekend, getting young footballers to reveal all about what they demand from their kit and getting people to document how and why they consume music and media. To say there’s never been a dull day would be an understatement.

Outside of work, I come from a large Irish family which may explain my enjoyment of singing, dancing, socialising and having a good time. I sing with and help run Nunhead Community Choir. I’m an avid reader and a bit of a geek, but proud of it!

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Laura Wiggins (Co-Founder) – Working in market research happened by accident… I knew I wanted to work in marketing and by chance, met Vince Nolan, who offered me a temporary job asOffice Manager at 2CV… 11 years later, and I was still working there, having progressed from office manager through Researcher and Videographer, all the while learning the art of qual research and discovering a passion for film-making, thus creating a product that clients were demanding more and more of. It was at that point I felt had the skills I required and the fire in my belly to start a business. My experience spans bringing to life audiences for the likes of ITV, eBay and McDonalds; gathering public opinion through voxpops at events for BBC Stargazing Live & Radio 5 Live, Nissan and Kraft Cadbury, and highlighting key themes/behavioural biases for clients such as the FSA and DH (to name a few).